With Intention

Hi, I'm Marisol and I live in New York. 

Since graduating college, the concepts of mindfulness and minimalism have so positively shifted the way I approach the world—my values, my relationships, my health, my material possessions, my business and career, and my digital presence. This space documents what I learn as I strive to live more intentionally, while reconciling the natural 21st century desires for the modern, the immediate, and the abundant. 

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More about me...

I like to keep it simple, get things done, and make brilliant ideas happen. I graduated Yale in 2015 with a degree in Sociology and certificate in Education Studies. For over four years I have been freelancing in communications, digital marketing, brand strategy, and business operations. I have been honored to work with clients who are breaking new ground in their respective fields of career development, personal development, astrology, writing, design & branding, and identity & culture.

My work is awesome, but somewhere along the way content overwhelm hit. I became disenchanted with how we (as people, companies, and personal brands) were presenting ourselves online. I craved greater alignment between my digital and physical worlds, as well as more authenticity in what we create online and how we attract people in our lives. And so started an exploration into digital minimalism and the creation of this space, a lifestyle blog centered around elevating life through embracing values of intention, simplicity, mindfulness, gratitude, and ethic.